Welcome to our Website!

Welcome to our Website! 

We are currently in the process of adding products to our new online store.  

Thank you for your patience!

One of our physical store fronts at 439 Main St. Penticton will be open  

Saturday's from 9:30 am - 2 pm and by appointment through the week.   

The new store at 750 Eckhardt Ave. W. Penticton, B.C.

 is open Mon - Fri    9:15 am - 4:00 pm

Both stores open by appt. as well. 250 490 9890

Kitty corner to the Chevron, across from the Casino

  Thank you for your patience!

Click here for a link to our Physicial Store Front Website

Summer Hats

We stock summer hats for men, women and children

Semi-Formal  to Formal Hats & Fascinators

We carry tophats, english derbies, fascinators, wedding hats, fedoras and more

Head covers / Scarves

We have a selection of head covers and scarves for hair loss that are comfortable for sensitive heads


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